Monday, June 7, 2010

Can I exempt my home from the new rules? FAQ # 5

Can I exempt my home from the new rules?
a. No. Wisconsin no longer allows the opt-out rule for pre-1978 homes or facilities where children or pregnant women are present. The only way to opt out is to have your home tested for the presence of lead paint and other types of finishes. If your home tests negative or under the threshold requirement set by the State for lead contamination, lead-safe practices are not required.

Please contact us if yo have a specific question that is not addressed in this series.

Visit tomorrow’s Blog Post to read another FAQ on Lead-Safe Renovation.

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  1. I was very tense before reading your post. You have given me the answer of my question. Now i have the way to opt out. Thanks for the info.

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  2. Hi "SEO Expert",
    I want to make sure that you understand clearly, you need to PROVE that you are free of lead coatings in order to not use lead-safe work practices. Or, you need to prove that your home is built 1978 or later. To prove 1978 or later, a building permit or real estate record will serve as proof in most cases. They say it must be a legal/municipal record of some sort.

    If you are in the Dane County WI area, I can help you to get the testing done. Otherwise, look up your state's list of Lead Risk Assessors and one of these consultants can do the testing on your home.

    Thanks for reading!