Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wish for Santa

Last month we received a call from a DeForest home daycare provider who suffered an overnight kitchen fire. The disaster not only closed their business, but also made their home unlivable. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

We began working immediately to return their home and business to normal.

First, we assessed the damage. We found black walls and ceilings, ashes and dirt everywhere, destroyed appliances, and ruined cabinetry. The acrid smell of smoke permeated the house. A thorough clean-up job, new cabinets, new appliances, as wells as a lot of other work was needed to make this house a home again.

Although a fire right before the holidays seems to be doubly tragic, it provided a window when the kids were home for the Holiday break. This allowed Anthony to begin the task of lead safe demolition as soon as A & J Restoration Services finished cleaning. With the lead safe work out of the way, Cheryl of CB Custom Painting quickly sealed the newly clean walls, effectively erasing any residual smoke odors. New cabinets and appliances went on order and the kids were able to come back to their home away from home.

Although Anthony works diligently on all of his jobs, this one was special, as this smoke damaged home is the home of his children’s daycare provider.

Imagine our surprise when the next week we read this in the DeForest Times Tribune:

Dominic, Anthony’s son, had a special wish for Santa. We find it heartwarming that Santa is using Dominic’s dad to make the wish come true.