Monday, February 28, 2011

The Man Cave

Every time I surf through the home building networks on TV, I seem to run into a “man cave” episode. So, with my curiosity piqued (and ignoring the potentially sexist implications), I decided to fire up the search engine and type it in.

One website, boasting the best of the best, caught my eye and I found myself scrolling through photos of rooms that look like hotel fantasy suites minus the hot tub. Star Wars rooms (including a life size 3CPO), and Star Trek rooms (let’s not get the two confused), popped up on the screen. The website promoted theater rooms with walls textured like an actual cave, garages with wet bars, spaces designed to look like a NFL locker room, and even a room built around a pole (yes…you know the kind). After the initial smirk and eye roll, I was impressed by the detail that went into these spaces, and especially the level of craftsmanship displayed. After all, taking a basement block wall and turning it into the Starship Enterprise, and doing it well, is not an easy task. There’s electrical to run (a lot of it for those control panels), and plumbing for the wet bar (where was that on the bridge?), and a good deal of well planned audio and visual equipment. In short, design and planning cannot be taken lightly for a well done “man cave."

If you have dreams of a “man cave” of your own, and you want it to be a place you are proud to invite your like-minded friends, give us a call. We will make sure your space consists of more than a big screen hanging on a painted block wall, attached to a giant orange extension cord running the perimeter of the room. In all seriousness, we would design it so every square foot is utilized to its fullest potential. Non-standard lighting choices, the perfect fixtures, and carefully selected flooring all influence the comfort of your “man cave”. We could even create a wet bar in the place where the replicator should be (as we have not perfected that yet). Or, add that fantasy suite hot tub back in.

Of course, if you are looking for a room that blends with the rest of your decor, we could design that as well, paying close attention to the details that will make your remodel or addition feel seamless and comfortable.

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