Saturday, March 13, 2010

This Old House Magazine's badmouthing of Remodelers

Dear Scott, and the TOH staff,
I've been reading This Old House magazine for about 4 or 5 years now. I have to tell you, your April 2010 editorial may be the straw breaking my back. Scott, gain you compare contractors to criminals, con-men, and robbers? Shame on you!
You are doing nothing to help the average homeowner. You are perpetuating a myth. Do you describe Norm Abram, Tom Silva, Rich Trethewy, Roger Cook, or any of the other TOH professionals in this way? Do those guys even read what you are writing? They should be furious!
If you truly have this many problems with your remodelers, this reflects poorly on your own choices. Have you ever check references? Here, check my GuildQuality satisfaction rating: Have you ever asked one of your contractors for a 3rd party customer satisfaction rating? Have you ever checked Angie's List? Have you checked with the Home Builders Association or NARI in your area? If you are hiring bozos, this only reflects your own business acumen.
I hope that you'll proactively address this and QUIT IT! I'm in the middle of my subscription so I'll keep watching for improvements until that runs out. But if some things don't change in your editorial attitude, don't hold your breath for my renewal payment.

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